Conditions of Warranty

This Sharp product is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from detective materials and workmanship under normal use, and any such defects will be repaired through Sharp Authorised Service Stations/ Dealers. The period and conditions of our warranty services are as follow:

  1. This warranty card and proof of purchase must be presented when servicing is requested.
  2. This warranty is valid in Malaysia only.
  3. This warranty card is irreplaceable in the event of loss.
  4. When any Sharp product is forwarded for servicing to one of the Sharp Authorised Service Station, it should be FULLY INSURED, CAREFULLY PACKED AND TRANSPORTATION CHARGE PREPAID TOGETHER WITH THIS WARRANTY CARD, THE ORIGINAL SALES SLIP and a note describing the defect of failing operation.
  5. Please understand that it may take a longer time to repair the product when the required part(s) is/are subject to import restriction and availability of part(s).
  6. SHARP assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly for financial losses or claims from third person resulting from the inability to use this product, or the use or loss of use of this product.
  7. Warranty of products is as specified below with the exception of consumables, exterior cosmetics parts, appearance plastic parts, options, accessories, battery & adaptor.
  8. The warranty is void in the following cases:
    • The warranty does not apply to any product whose exterior has been damaged or defaced nor to any product subjected to misuse, alteration of serial number, accidental damage, and abnormal handline, use non-original consumable, any act of God or service made by anyone other than Sharp Authorised Service/Dealers. In addition, this warranty does not cover any modification in design, construction, interfacing, unstable voltage or abnormal voltage.
  9. SHARP strongly recommends that separate permanent written records be kept of all important data. Data may be lost or altered in virtually any electronic memory product under certain circumstances. Therefore, Sharp assumes no responsibility for data lost or otherwise rendered unusable whether as a result of static charge build-up, electronic noise from nearby appliances, improper use, repairs, defects, battery replacement, use after the specified battery life has expired, or any other cause.
  10. For consumer products, warranty covers for home use only.
  11. On-site service for selected models only and within 50km road radius from any Sharp Service Centre.
  12. The warranty shall be limited to the expense of replacing the product with the same product or an equivalent product or repair of the product whichever is lower.
  13. This warranty does not cover insects infestation or pests invade or animal urine.