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Powering Your Business Through Sharp’s Smart Solution

Sharp Smart Solution comprises solutions for Office, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare aimed at propelling businesses to greater productivity and efficiency.

Smart Solution line up:

  1. Smart Office & Education Solutions
    Digital Multi-Function Printers, Intelligent Printing Systems, Professional Displays, Digital Signage, Intelligent Touch Panel, Laptop, Video Conferencing Solution, accessories and consumables.
  2. Smart Retail Solutions
    Signage Solution Software, POS Systems, Electronic Cash Registers
  3. Hospitality & Healthcare Solutions
    Air Purifier with Plasmacluster Technology, Air Cond with Plasmacluster Technology, Hospitality TV System, Intelligent Touch Monitor for Diagnostic Radiography.

Changing The World With 8K+5G And AIoT

Ever the innovator, Sharp is leading the way in the business world. By leveraging on our strengths in displays, electronic devices, sensors and other cutting-edge devices in combination with 8K, 5G, AI, IoT, and robotics core technologies, we have created a whole array of impressive products and services. These span across eight business sectors; Industry, Security, Smart Office, Entertainment, Health, Automotive, Education, and Smart Home.


Sharp has formed cooperative partnerships throughout the entire value chain of its 8K+5G Ecosystem, from the production of image materials to content delivery and display.

Sharp’s 8K business has already taken the world by storm and consists of 8K TVs and monitors, and cameras.

Our vision is to evolve into a solutions business that offers imaging solutions for broadcasting, as well as solutions for 8K museums, sports stadiums, medical, security, CAD, train inspection systems, and more. Sharp is also expanding its AIoT World through four business sectors: AIoT Devices, COCORO LIFE service, COCORO OFFICE service, and AIoT platform. All these are aimed at facilitating smart living and offering B2B and B2G services which are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.