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Flowing with Sharps intuitive products boosted group engagement by 30%

Challenges before implementation

Our university focuses on small-group learning. Students take the initiative in discussing the issues presented to them, rather than being led by teachers. We had been using whiteboards and monitors, but we wanted to implement new equipment to facilitate discussions and enhance content.

Notes can be written on materials/images and saved. Discussions from the previous sessions can be continued smoothly.
Students have active discussions. The written data is saved, making it easier for teachers to evaluate the students.
Images such as X-ray pictures can be displayed clearly on the large screen. This helps the students improve their image diagnosis abilities.

Background of Implementation

Enhancing the contents of small-group learning and improving students’ diagnosis abilities.
Our university focuses on small-group learning (SGL), a curriculum style in which students take the initiative to learn instead of being led by the teachers. With SGL, the students start discussions on symptoms presented by the teacher during the first session. From the second session, the students discuss newly introduced X-ray images or data they have brought. The students identify the name of the illness in the fourth session. We thought that enhancing the contents of this SGL would help the students improve their diagnosis abilities and increase their assertiveness and communication skills.

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